What You Don’t Know About Bougainvillea Planting

The Ghost Dragon

The Bougainvillea Planting Stories

Bougainvillea is quite fragile when young and can be readily lost at planting time. Bougainvilleas are quite drought tolerant when they are established but won’t tolerate soggy feet. They are great for landscaping and do not require much fertilising as they grow easily. Generally, it can be grown in anything that will hold soil and allow proper drainage. Bougainvillea are tropical and has to be guarded from frost. Planting a bougainvillea isn’t that hard, but you’ll need to take a number of the plant’s growing habits into consideration first. Growing bougainvillea from seed is quite challenging, as it is most frequently propagated from cuttings.

Think about the maximum size your specific species of bougainvillea is anticipated to grow to when selecting a planting site. It is a beautiful and well-liked tropical plant that grow vigorous vines filled with papery blossoms in a variety of colors. If…

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