The Hills are Alive…

San on the Lam

Sunday 05 June-Tuesday 07 June 2005. Costa Rica.

This was our last morning at Selva Verde. Typically, it was wet, but it’s not called ‘rainforest’ for nothing! Today we were travelling west, and a little south, to a new area called Monteverde. First, though, we had time for a last look around the grounds of Selva Verde-definitely the ‘green forest’ of its name.

We were delighted to find our first Chestnut-mandibled Toucans (now known as Yellow-throated Toucan), predictably high up in the trees. Still, fun to watch and we got some shots through the telescope again.

I really don’t know why they have changed the name to ‘Yellow-throated’, since both this species and the Keel-billed Toucan have yellow throats, but only this one has the chestnut-coloured lower bill. Either way, they are very smart-looking birds.

Monteverde is an interesting area. It was founded by American Quakers, who were avoiding the…

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