Simple Pleasures

San on the Lam

Monday 04 November 2019. Nova Scotia.

A few weeks ago our venerable minivan was back-ended whilst waiting to turn left at a junction. The old chap driving the ‘back-ender’ just wasn’t really taking notice. His big flat-bed truck (the transport ‘du jour’ of Cape Sable Island) did a fair bit of damage to the tailgate and back bumper on the van. Our towing hitch and ball did rather more damage to the front of his truck. Long story short, the van has to be repaired, and it went in to the shop today.

For the duration, and courtesy of the ‘back ender’s’ insurance, we got a courtesy car, or I should say, ‘truck’. For some reason we ended up with a crew-cab flat-bed, which has been quite fun to drive around. If Mark could be persuaded to don a ball cap, we would fit right in round here! The body…

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