Kranji Marshes Birding

The Natural Traveller

Kranji Marshes Birding

When:  February 2018    Weather: Hot 28C

Nikon P900

Brought my little niece to try some singapore birding early one morning about 715am at Kranji marshes.  The light was still dim but we saw some activity on the ground…

DSCN1799 something with a red head was pecking around on the ground…

DSCN1816 A beautiful Laced woodpecker

DSCN1771 and then strutting on the road was a chicken sized bird..

DSCN1834 a slaty breasted rail

DSCN1778 Green pigeon

DSCN1788 pair of pink breasted pigeons

DSCN1779 asian glossy starling

DSCN1787 juvenile glossy starlings

DSCN1846 Rose ringed parakeet

DSCN1840 yellow vented bulbul

DSCN1939 distant Koel fanning his tail and calling

DSCN1863 juvenile asian glossy starling

DSCN1897 pink breasted pigeon

DSCN1899 spotted dove

DSCN1853 baya weaver

DSCN1926 baya weaver

DSCN1912 common flameback

DSCN1931 front view

DSCN1969 at the end of the trail, we went up the hide and spotted this egret in the field

DSCN1978 Red wattled lapwings scurried about in the distance

DSCN1991 Common snipe from a long way away

DSCN2025 Purple heron…

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