Return of Bird of the Week: White-tailed Kite

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White-tailed Kite, Darién Province, Panama You can readily see why it is called a White-tailed Kite. The photo also shows those distinctive black shoulders, the two-toned tail and that very distinctive hovering posture. It’s a bit smaller than the other Kites, but still a decent-sized raptor, with a wing span of 42 inches. The populations and even the range… Continue reading Return of Bird of the Week: White-tailed Kite

Anahuac and Smith Oaks

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Day trip to High Island and Anahuac, Monday, April 22, 2019. Eastern Kingbird Orchard Oriole Orchard Oriole (immature) Blue Grosbeak (immature) Brown-headed Cowbird Red-winged Blackbird White Ibis In change-up plumage, immature birds are brown. Great Egret At the rookery, Smith Oaks. Weird bokeh, I kinda like it. Black Vulture -:- Gator Addenda -:- Kempner Park Red-shouldered Hawk The rumor is true.… Continue reading Anahuac and Smith Oaks