Power of Parks: Chuck Weber

Originally posted on Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation:
Welcome to Power of Parks, a podcast produced by the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department, where we share inspiring stories from people who have benefited from nature, parks and recreation. Episode 8 features guest Chuck Weber, a reporter for West Palm Beach based TV news station, CBS12. When he isn’t bringing the news to… Continue reading Power of Parks: Chuck Weber

Raptorial Birds-Part 2

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While Part One showed a part of the 51 species of raptorial birds native to North America, the number pales to the variety found in tropical climes such as South America and South Africa that have almost twice as many (Brazil and Ecuador 98 each and South Africa 81). And, due to the forested conditions and savannahs, finding and photographing in… Continue reading Raptorial Birds-Part 2

My Life With Raptorial Birds

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Generally, ones introduction to raptorial birds is in the negative vein. Chicken Hawk, Buzzard, Butcherbird, Shite-hawk, Carrion Crow, Quail Hawk, etc., all derogatory titles to describe members of this group of avian predators. Farmers wrongly believe they choose to primarily prey on their poultry; sport hunters promote the false premise that they significantly reduce the populations of those small game species… Continue reading My Life With Raptorial Birds

Thankful Thursday: Goldfinch edition

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This morning I woke to about 10 inches of snow on the rail. The finches, especially the goldfinches, were very busy in the sunflowers. I brought my camera to the basement and sat next to Marcel at the sliding glass door where he was intently monitoring the birds’ movements. I snapped a total of 124 photos of those active little… Continue reading Thankful Thursday: Goldfinch edition