It’s A Birds’ World

The World According to Doray

Some days it’s good to be me. And today was one of those days. After the morning thunderstorms had subsided, I headed to Jacob’s Well Nature Area armed with my eBird app and binoculars. Ah, such a pleasant way to spend a quiet early afternoon. I saw several Painted Buntings, a Golden-fronted Woodpecker and a pair of Hutton’s Vireos just to spout off a few species.

After I returned to my place, I ventured out into the prairie with my new home-made butterfly net to chase and capture grasshoppers for my little flock of chickens. Picture this: wearing green cut-off shorts, and oversized tee shirt and my bright yellow chicken boots, I’m flailing around with a net….sound like an escapee from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest? 😋 We’ll, I did indeed net several grasshoppers and my chickies gobbled them up like candy.

Presently, I’m sitting on the back porch…

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