“Wild Goose Chase”…The Quest for the Arctic Traveler

Birds and Blooms

Wild Goose Chase Title Image

Greater Snow Geese
Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

hat could be more exhilarating for a lover of birds than the visual treat of tens of thousands of Snow Geese launching from their over-night roost during the early dawn hours in an exploding massive cloud of white and painted with a warm glow from the rising sun!  And it’s not only a spectacle of sight,  but sound as well, which at close range can be quite intense to the human ear.  But it’s an experience of an audible magnitude that one will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives.

This “Blast-off” as many of us call it,  can be the highlight of the day and an overwhelming experience for the avid waterfowl enthusiast.  It only requires a journey to your favorite wildlife refuge or other location where these birds are present during the wee hours of the morning, and…

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