The Short-eared Owl – Wetlands, Grasslands and Raptors Part 3

Birds and Blooms

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The world of “Avian Photography” is filled with discovery,  wonder and intrigue presenting a “never ending” learning environment as well as a sense of accomplishment after successfully pursuing and photographically capturing your subject…

Step one begins with research and careful study of your subject’s biology,  preferred habitat, seasonal movements and daily habits;  hunting, feeding, etc…  Once you accomplish the preceding,  it’s time to start looking!  Although sometimes quite fickle,  finding owls is not a difficult chore.  Most are quite habitat oriented during select seasons or year round.  Some are migratory and some are not.


Above, with an intense stare, a short-eared owl patrols the winter grasslands of Adams County, Pennsylvania in search of prey.

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The Short- eared Owl,  Asio flammeus,  is a creature of our “open spaces”;  including the prairie,  meadows,  tundra,  moorlands,  marshes,  savanna, and scattered woodlands sharing the fore mentioned.  Short eared owls can be found on every…

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