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Prairie Song TitlePrairie Warbler 1

Prairie Warbler title
For the past five years,  the coming of spring brought excitement and anticipation to the arrival of one of my favorite warblers to a location very close to my home.  Many of you have heard me mention,  or read about through my prior posts,  loving references to the Hanover Watershed Wildlife Management Area which shares its acreage with both York County Pennsylvania and Carroll County Maryland along the Mason-Dixon Line.  There is a special section of this area that sits on the Pennsylvania side just below the MD state line which was a clear-cut,  freshly planted with pine seedlings along with a thorny and brushy under story that seemed to be a highly prized breeding habitat of the Prairie Warbler.

Prairie Warbler 2This area had been a prior favorite of mine for the Indigo Bunting and the numerous sparrows present.  I kept hearing multiple symphonies’ of a rapidly ascending sweet trill including a “check note”…

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