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Birds and Blooms

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Avian Photography is truly a passion and I honestly have to say,  of all the species I photograph,  the colorful and tiny wood warbler has to be my favorite.  The majority of my friends and  peers much prefer the majestic “raptor” and owls as their subjects of choice. While I enjoy photographing those as well,  and especially the rarest Accipiters and Buteos (Hawks) to my region;  I find trying to follow the tiniest of bird with a long telephoto lens; where the word “still” is a total misnomer in and out of the tightest of natural cover, “the ultimate photographic challenge”.  Then you add forever changing light,  from one extreme to another,  creating an exposure nightmare and adding a final touch to the feat.

Life In Black and White 7

“Sitting Pretty”
A Michaux State Forest Black and White goes “Vogue” for the camera

This post will be the beginning of a series dedicated to the…

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