In search of “Maggie May” … Woodland Warblers 3

Birds and Blooms

Magnolia Warbler,  Setophaga magnolia
Dolly Sods Wilderness,  West Virginia

everal years back while photographing spring wildflowers and exploring one of my favorite mountain ecosystems along the Appalachian chain,  West Virginia’s Dolly Sods,  I kept hearing the song of the Magnolia warbler at just about all my stops along the gravel road  that traverses the area through the stands of the wind-swept stunted Red Spruce to my amazement..  This was long before I did some research to discover their favored breeding habitat extended farther south than I had realized.  I had seen many wearing their dull colors during the fall migration, even right near my home and the Hanover Watershed WMA along the Maryland and Pennsylvania state line.

Magnolia Warbler, Dolly Sods Wilderness, West Virginia

hotographing a Magnolia warbler in breeding plumage had been a long-time quest and I thought I’d have to travel much farther north to accomplish it. …

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