These are photos of a Green-breasted Mango, to be precise.  All photos by Wayne Easley, taken at Rancho Naturalista, Costa Rica:

Here is Wayne’s commentary on this gorgeous species:

“The Green-breasted Mangos are fairly large hummingbirds that have lots of bells and whistles.  They are one of the more common species that frequents the gardens of Rancho Naturalista, a birding lodge located about forty-five minutes from Turrialba.  This hummer is a feast for the eyes.  The male bird is green with a purplish black stripe down the throat and chest that is bordered by a glittering blue-green color.  When feeding, the birds often fan their deep magenta-colored tails in a dazzling display of beauty. It is suggested (have to admit I have not seen this) that the males court the less colorful females by flying in a U shaped direction in front of the females.  The female itself has less…

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