“Fish Hawk” the Osprey …

Birds and Blooms

Osprey Pandion haliaetus
Port Bolivar,  Galveston County,  Texas

One of America’s favorite and most unique raptors, the Osprey,  Pandion haliaetus can be found along our coastal plains and well inland on larger streams and lakes throughout the continental United States, south into Central America and South America where they winter and well into the Canadian Provinces during the summer and breeding months.  “Unique” describes their favored food of live fish and the ability to fly high above a body of water,  spot their prey,  begin a short hover,  then rapidly dive and catch their meal with their razor sharp talons, and then again launch themselves airborne and retreat to a safe place to consume their bounty.

The visual spectacle of the Osprey fishing is as gratifying to the observer as their meal is to them.  As an avian photographer,  capturing this activity is fun and exhilarating and requires a bit…

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