2019 5th Zhongguo Fen Penjing Exhibition– Part 1

Valavanis Bonsai Blog


The 5th Zhongguo Fen Penjing Exhibition is being held this weekend on October 19-21, 2019 in Nanjing, China, a short 4 HOUR bus trip from the Shanghai Airport, after traveling over 18 hours from home.


The exhibition is huge and I did not get an opportunity to study the layout and trees, yet, that’s for tomorrow’s activity. I was told there are over 300 shohin bonsai compositions, each with at least 5-7 individual trees. Remember this is China, not Japan, and often more is better.


Before starting the Opening Ceremony several collage photos from the organization’s past exhibitions were projected on a huge LED screen. I was surprised to see they captured two photos of me, in my foot boot and with my scooter from 2013! NO scooter for me this year, but I do have TWO foot boots for my broken feet…. They did not stop me, only…

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