The winter feeder season!

8th floor balcony

The weather has finally started to chill and the rains of autumn have arrived. My lovely summer visitors, chiefly the green finches and the hawfinches have gone south to find warmer weather. And so the time of year has come where I change the feeders. In a previous post you will have seen the summer version and today you will catch a glimpse of the winter feeder. So what is on offer on the 8th floor balcony? The offering usually stays the same year round with the exception of a couple of additional things. I feel very strongly about feeding the company only good and natural foods. Meaning no bread allowed on my balcony!

The masterpiece, photo from Jacqueline’s balcony.

So here it is, the beautiful green masterpiece as I call it. I constructed this one also by hand creating it with elements that I saw on the Internet. I…

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