The 5 p.m. Bluebird Bath

Jinny's Occasional Poems

The 5 p.m. Bluebird Bath   —by Jinny Batterson

If I were a more gifted, more patient photographer, I might have a better picture to illustrate this short post. As it is, you will need to use your imagination a little to fill in the birds. 

Our back deck birdbath

Early October here in central North Carolina was unseasonably warm. As longtime backyard bird watchers, we’ve gradually added hanging feeders of various types to the edges of our back deck. We keep most of the feeders filled year-round. We are lucky to have a wooded area just behind our lot, providing some protection from the hawks, owls, and cats that regularly patrol our area. A few years ago, I found a good quality plastic birdbath that I could attach to our back deck railing, about twenty feet above the ground. As the thermometer climbed into the high 90’s for…

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