Birdwatching in Longyearbyen, Svalbard – the gate to the Arctic

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Longyearbyen is considered a gate to the Arctic and it is an amazing location for bird watching and nature encounters. It has an airport and harbour suitable for big logistic operations and the harbour frequently hosts big research vessels and plenty of cruise ships so albeit being a remote location it is comparably accessible. During my graduate studies, I spent three months in the Arctic studying an living in Longyearbyen. In this time, I spend as much time outside as possible and had some amazing bird watching trips and many stunning wildlife encounters. The exposed situation of Longyearbyen allows amazing seabird sightings, marine mammal observations as well as encounters with extraordinary terrestrial species.

Longyearbyen is situated at coast of the Adventfjorden surrounded by mountains and the Adventdalen where freshwater from…

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