La Campana National Park

Will Travel For Birds

Parque Nacional La Campana lies just east of Valparaíso by about an hour, and northwest of Santiago by about the same.  It is 80 square kilometers (30 sq miles) of beautiful natural beech forests in the valleys and semi-desert scrub and cactus hillsides.  The last natural stand of Chilean Palms can be found in the park as well; surviving just barely after the palm oil rush destroyed just about every last palm tree in Chile.

The National Park is a great place for locals in the city to get out and stretch their legs, and for travelers to unpack those hiking boots.  After 4 days of walking the city streets in Valparaíso, we were craving some time out in the wild.

looking up to the cactus covered hills from the trail

The bird I wanted to see the most while in La Campana was the Rufous-legged Owl.  A weird and…

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