Large-Leafed Ficus: September 2019 Houseplant of the Month

Laidback Gardener

Different varieties of variegated rubber plant (Ficus elastica).

Ficus are well-known for being indoor trees with hundreds of little leaves, like the weeping fig (Ficus benjamina) and the Indian laurel (F. microcarpa), but other species come with large leaves that instantly give the plant a totally different, more rugged silhouette. These green giants are perfect for bringing atmosphere to a room quickly as a statement plant.

Houseplants like ficuses with large leaves improve the air in your home by converting CO2 to oxygen. The large leaves also absorb toxic particulates from the air and store them in their roots where they are broken down and expelled. Furthermore, the green leaves improve the humidity in your home by transpiring moisture very gradually. That makes large-leaved ficus great plants for celebrating the start of the indoor season.


Ficus is the Latin name for fig…

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