Maple Under Construction


Here’s a maple that was collected from a landscape job in January 2016.  The owner pruned it very badly.  They want to get rid of it and I salvaged it.  I put it in bonsai soil 2017 and fertilized it heavily.   Last fall I cut major branches and did some carving to start the bonsai shape.  I recently repotted the tree to a shallower bonsai pot.  This year, I will feed this tree heavily to encourage more growth, especially towards the trunk’

20180323_0926402073126844.jpg This is the tree now.

20180316_2200281306229869.jpg Plenty of roots when I repotted it. But cut some large ones to fit in this pot.

20171210_091314-21278826894.jpg This is what it looked like before any major work was done in the fall 2017.

20171210_092248757485530.jpg Removed this branch and carved it.

20171210_0918471213517601.jpg Here’s another angle.

20170611_063909935304585.jpg How the tree looked last summer (2017).

20170611_0639161822054377.jpg Another some photo.

s outward curves.   It’s got a obviously a ways to go but  I’m happy…

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