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We don’t keep a nectar feeder so hummers are only occasional in our garden.  This morning our still-blooming trio of penstemons were visited by a male Anna’s.  Those plants will  likely bloom on until the first hard frost so we can hope he’ll be buzzing back. Last night a local birder told me she had siskins at her feeders, and images… Continue reading THE SUDDEN FLASH OF SHIMMERING WINGS


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Sometimes a void is just nothing, a vacancy means nada.  Today, Nora the dog and I were taking our morning walk at Joe Dancer.  Blue sky, sun but not too warm, windless and cloudless.  Far off at the other end of the soccer fields was a single mowing machine running circles and back-and-forth.  The void?  No swallows.  Gone are those elegant… Continue reading THIS VOID HAS MEANING


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The constellation of wintering birds that we expect every winter is forming; Golden-crowned Sparrows and juncos have been here already this month.  Today I saw our first Song Sparrow of the season.  Present occasionally are the very red-breasted robins who breed much further north. Not much sound except the honking of the nuthatches and the scolding of the jays. I actually… Continue reading WINTER’S BIRDS ARRIVING


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Video from Sweden.  This video includes good stuff of the juveniles being banded, and one walking up a slanting trunk to get to higher, safer perch.  Plenty of break clacking, too.  And adult with meal in beak. And here is new video of juvenile GGO facing his first winter in the Oregon Cascades.  Taken by Lee French east of Ashland yesterday.  This… Continue reading ACTIVE GREAT GRAY OWL PLATFORM

Readers’ wildlife videos and photos

Why Evolution Is True It’s time to refill the photo tank. I have a fair few contributions, but I could always use more, so send in your good animal, plant, astronomy, and other nature-related pictures. To add to Stephen Barnard’s hummingbird photos of two days ago, he’s sent two videos of hummingbird fights (rufous vs. black-chinned). Be sure to watch them enlarged: “Combat” “Kung fu” … Continue reading Readers’ wildlife videos and photos

Readers’ wildlife photos

Why Evolution Is True Once again we have a nice science-and-photo post by biology professor Bruce Lyon from the University of California at Santa Cruz. His notes are indented, and the subject is owls, also known as Honorary Cats™. A second batch of owl photos and natural history to follow on the Northern Pygmy Owl post (here) from a couple of weeks ago. To contrast with … Continue reading Readers’ wildlife photos