Meadowlarks trilling!


Here in Kentucky, our Eastern Meadowlarks have returned and are perching on fenceposts all over. These birds sound to me a lot like the ones I got used to back home in Arizona, but according to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Easterns have 50 to 100 different variations of their song, where the Westerns only have around 10 to 12 variations!

The Eastern Meadowlark is scientifically named “Sturnella magna”, and they’re actually classed as a blackbird, not a lark at all. Whatever class they’re in, they are a delight to the eyes and ears. If you have pet birds, you may enjoy looking up the different songs and playing them for your house birds – mine get very excited to hear wild birds singing in the house early in the morning!

With that bright yellow breast and black necklace, Easterns are a very distinctive sight in the country here in…

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