Goldfinches year-round…


I’ve been watching Goldfinches for at least 20 years now, and they still entertain me with their persistence and antics, especially at the bird feeder at this time of the year.

When I moved “up-country” to Shumway, Arizona (in the White Mountains) was the first time I really noticed them. The year before, I’d put out a bird feeder and filled it with sunflower seed for the wild birds. Many of the local Scrub Jays took advantage, and being Jays, they planted an entire acre of sunflowers for me before I realized it.

The next spring and summer, I watched in amazement as my semi-weedy acre slowly transformed into a solid, head-high, forest of green plants and golden flowers. But that was just the beginning!

As the Sunflowers began to bloom, there were suddenly a flock of tiny, darting, chipping birds working their way through the flowers. I saw them…

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