Using the foreground

Of birds, birdies and biryanis

When we think of good images in photography, outside the subject itself and the composition, a lot of emphasis is laid on the background and the subject in relation to it. I would like you to consider the foreground as an element as well. Let me illustrate this with three images that I shot of the Steppe Eagle recently at the Desert National Park in Jaisalmer.

When we first spotted this guy, he was sheltering in the shadow of a typical desert thorny shrub. We slowly circled around, made our approach and positioned our vehicle a little off his direct line of sight. Even through he did spot us, he wasn’t too bothered and continued to calmly hold his ground and sit. This was the first image that I clicked.

The sun was quite harsh and even though the bird was in the shadows (which has its own challenges) the…

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