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Of birds, birdies and biryanis

I was looking through some of my earlier images, I have about 4TB of photos that I seem to have accumulated over the last 6 years, and stumbled upon a few of the humble House Sparrow. These were shot in the balcony of our apartment – and we are bang in the middle of the urban messy sprawl that we call Gurgaon (or Gurugram these days).

The House Sparrow, despite its suggestive species name, passer domesticus, hasn’t really been domesticated like the dogs and the cats. They are usually found wherever humans are and have really adapted, over the years, to living alongside humans. I was reading an interesting research that found that the process of natural selection may have favoured genetic changes that altered their skull shape and allowed them to digest starch – changes to both these genes might have helped them eat human cultivated foods.


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