A Galaxy of Stars

Of birds, birdies and biryanis

The stars have always fascinated us and it is a fascination has been hard-wired into our brains, I reckon.  Every little kid, at some time in his/her formative stage would have dreamt of being an astronaut – with a pilot and a train engineer following sequentially in  the pecking order.  It is the years of conditioning in our urban cities, with their polluted skies, that make us forget the existence of an unexplored universe beyond the haze. A fascination that re-emerges when you are out in any open and clear part of the country while travelling.

I do look out for any chance to photography the night sky while I travel but these opportunities have been few and far between. And while one does get a few chances to attempt star-tails, seeing the Milky Way has been something of a rarity for me.

The image below is one of my…

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