The Lazy Photographer

Cordelia's Mom, Still

My intentions are always good.

Every day I plan to walk on my lunch hour and perhaps take some photos, but every day I get lazy and simply eat at my desk instead:

At least I have a door I can shut while I read and eat.

Today is my day off.  When I took Puppy Cody out at 6 am, it was foggy, but the temperature was comfortable.  What a perfect morning to drive somewhere with my camera!

But I’m lazy.  And the fog dissipated.  And I didn’t feel like going anywhere that early.

So I sat down to eat breakfast.

And noticed the hollowed out tree next to my dining room window.  I knew there was a nest in that hole because I had seen birds going in and out.

Well, I’m not too lazy to open a window, and balance my zoom lens camera on the window…

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