Beautiful but a Wee Bit Annoying

Cordelia's Mom, Still

Puppy Cody had just finished her nightly business in the back yard, and I left hubby to bring her in while I went back to the house.  A few minutes later, hubby came in, exclaiming, “You just missed it!  There’s a huge orange moon out there.”

Say what?  An orange moon?

Well, I’m notorious for never having my camera at the right time and missing too many unique shots.  By gummy, this time I was going to get that photo!

So, I ran  out with camera in hand.

In my indoor shoes.

Forgetting that it’s been raining for weeks, and the back yard is a swamp.

My indoor shoes have now become outdoor shoes.

Good thing I just bought several more pair (hey, I learned long ago – if the shoe fits, buy several pairs in different colors).

But at least I got the photo:

Hope my misadventure…

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