There is appropriate seasonal news this week.  Turkey Vultures and Barn Swallows continue to migrate.  I have not seen any Violet-green Swallows in recent days.  The American Goldfinches linger in our garden but they have been joined by “winter” birds–juncos and Golden-crowned Sparrows.  I thought I saw a late pewee above Yamhill Sewer Ponds’ neighboring creek, but it was only a waxwing flycatching.  They are less adept but just as determined as the true flycatchers.  It is my first waxwing there in two months.  The ponds held ostly shovelers, all in eclipse plumage.  They will remain there dining on daphnia through the winter.

The old brush pile that protected wintering sparrows and the adjacent line of thistles that fed goldfinches have been bulldozed.  The resulting barfe earth and cement chunks will not welcome birds this winter.

An unhappy note: a House Finch infected with avian pox showed up.  I will…

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