The Practice of Birding – How to definitively distinguish if it is a bird or a plane


By Alexis Newman

Blog Post 1 Pic 1 Seymour – A kind pigeon

This is Seymour – A frequent and friendly visitor of the Québec-Labrador Foundation’s (QLF) Montréal Office. Seymour is one of the many birds that I had the delight of viewing this summer thanks to my Communications and Conservation Internship at QLF. The foundation supports community-based approaches to conservation education, promoting the sustainable development of natural resources and the protection of wildlife habitats. As the study of ornithology is a big part of QLF’s work, I had the opportunity to learn about the practice of birding in Tabusintac, New Brunswick. Listed below are some key points that I would like to share about how to conduct a bird census.

1. Birding Conditions

  • Time: To maximize your amount of bird sightings, it is best to seek out birds anytime from sunrise to 10:00 AM. If you are looking for a specific species, it…

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