Gill’s Birthday Bash at Robertson



Gill kindly invited ten old friends to join her for her 80th birthday at the historic farm, Riverton, where we stayed in Barry House, an old building reeking with tradition and Barry family memorabilia.  We didn’t all know each other when we arrived on Tuesday, but by the time we had to leave this morning, the ice had been well and truly broken.  For those who had known one another in the past, it was an opportunity to renew and rekindle old friendships.  Gill and Pam did a wonderful job keeping us well fed and Renee and I made the most of our chances to do some birding.

The latter was amazing right on our doorstep, when, yesterday afternoon, on a short walk, we saw African Fish Eagle, Martial Eagle, African Harrier-Hawk, Booted Eagle and Black Sparrow Hawk, all within a period of around 5 minutes!!  All in all, with…

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