A Visit To Elandan Gardens

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Elandan Gardens is a beautiful and unique six acre natural oasis featuring the bonsai artistry of Dan Robinson. The garden opened in 1993 in Bremerton, Washington which is a short distance from Seattle. This is an excellent location to appreciate the art of bonsai pioneer Dan Robinson who introduced power tools to the bonsai world. Dan’s bonsai are truly unique, and clearly show the respect he has for old, ancient trees surviving the elements of nature. Dead tree trunks, an and snags are prominently displayed with the bonsai as well as interesting stones. He enjoys explaining how and when he collected his world class bonsai revealing secrets of nature one might miss when casually seeing the trees. Most of his bonsai include signs which explain the history and other interesting facts about the trees.


Elandan Gardens was built on reclaimed land, which was formerly a landfill on the Kitsap Peninsula…

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