Animal Demography Unit – Rabbits at The Riverside — When people think of threatened species, they tend to think of big and “spectacular” species like whales, tigers, rhinos, or pandas. It is true that many large mammal species, except us (we are quite large mammals too, after all), are threatened – we are pushing everything else out, as our population keeps growing. But there are also many smaller mammals that are threatened too. One such species is the Riverine Rabbit Bunolagus monticularis of South Africa. It is also known as a Bushman’s Hare, and in Afrikaans, Doekvoet (‘cloth foot’, after its soft and fluffy feet) or Pondhaas (‘pound hare’, because in the 1930’s farmers were rewarded for a specimen with a payment of one Pound). For the rest of the story on this awesome little rabbit see: #mammalmap #riverinerabbit #endangeredspecies #karoo #conservation #mammals #lagomorph #rabbits #hares #habitat #citizenscience #cameratrapping #riverside #riverine #riversarelife #biodiversity #ecology #welovebiodiversity #karoolandscape #awesome #furryfriends @endangeredwildlifetrust @capenature @sanbonasafari | Facebook

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