It’s all in your perspective, I guess

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Many of you have seen this BRT before. But, if not or, if you’d like a refresher, go here to see it’s humble but portentous beginning, you can skip to about midway through the post. Unless, of course, the scintillating prose makes your brain flit and fly.

Since that amazingly engaging post, I’ve just been beating it up, here and there, this past winter, to see what would happen. Seems to be ok, right? It appears to look healthy, it’s full and purty.

Even kinda shaggy. Shaggy is good.

Time for some more abuse. Which means, in the time honored (and most controversial) Adamaskwhy tradition: DEFOLIATION

I get this question often when I tell students to defoliate. They say,

“Where do I cut it?”

Well, on a Brazilian Raintree, such as is the subject today, here you go:You’ll notice, just below my crudely drawn crosshairs, the new bud, tumescent…

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