Bird architect: Taveta Weaver


它是一位能搭建空中楼阁的建筑师,它是一位身着金色大衣的时尚人士,它就是Taveta Weaver!
根据百度百科 “栗头金织雀是一种织雀科、织雀属动物,分布于非洲中南部地区。”“分布于非洲中南部地区(包括阿拉伯半岛的南部、撒哈拉沙漠(北回归线)以南的整个非洲大陆。)”
According to Wikipedia, “The Taveta weaver (Ploceus castaneiceps), also known as the Taveta golden weaver, is a species of bird in the weaver family, Ploceidae. It is found on the African Savannah in Kenya and Tanzania. The name of the bird comes from the unique markings/coloration of the bird, as well as how these birds weave intricate nests.”

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Grey Crowned Crane


Grey Crowned Crane东非冕鹤,又称东非冠鹤、灰冕鹤,根据百度百科 :“东非冕鹤(学名:Balearica regulorum)是大型涉禽。体长127厘米。栖息于湿地环境及人类居住区内的半天然栖息地。白天活动,喜欢在沼泽边缘,善于在田埂上、水田里、水沟边、草地上等处行走。为杂食性动物。每年5-7月在沼泽地带繁殖。主要分布在非洲东部的乌干达、乍得、塞内加尔、肯尼亚、南苏丹、扎伊尔东部、坦桑尼亚北部和埃塞俄比亚西部等地区。是乌干达的国鸟。”

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Brick red

Wading through Wigeon

Another 5 hours on Ainsdale beach looking at waders, gulls and terns. More birds today with at least 10,000 waders – mostly Dunlin and Sanderling, but the earlier start meant a lot more Knot and Barwits. Lots of them still in their brick red breeding finery – why do so many waders have that as their breeding colour – must be a reason?


A nice juv Common Tern was feeding on the tide line – I like to think that it was one of the Preston dock birds making its first foray on to the open water.


Another colour ringed Sanderling – this time a Dutch rung bird.


The sea pushed the waders in and they were concentrated into one large group.


I picked out an adult Curlew Sand – a different bird to yesterday as this one was more uniformly red, but I couldn’t get a picture. The birds…

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Feather: Relaxing & Colourful Indie Game Bird Flight Thing

Professional Moron

Feather the indie game-min Birdo.

Some video games are more relaxing than others. Feather is one of the ones that really channels the verb “relax” and throws in some birds and lots of pretty colours. Can’t go wrong with that, eh?


From indie devs Samurai Punk in Melbourne, it launched in April 2019 and is available on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

Recent graduates Nicholas McDonnell and Winston Tang formed the studio whilst studying in 2013. They helpfully explain on the official website, “Samurai Punk is a Melbourne-based studio that loves to make cool shit for you.” Thanks, guys!

Despite the use of a swear there, Feather is a deeply serene indie game about exploration. It’s a cut back premise – you become a bird, fly around, and wallow in the Zen.

As a viewing experience it’s also entertaining. Something to have on in the background, eh?

But this is a video game, too. As…

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