Kept for 22 Years, Improved in 3

Bonsai Iterate

I just got one of those “3 years ago…” memory posts from Facebook that showed the summer work I did on a Ficus benjamina in 2016. It’s the same Benji I shared in this recent post. The difference in just three years is huge! Despite owning this tree for 22 years, this is what it looked like 3 years ago.

F. Benjamina in 2016 after defoliation

And this is what it looked like after three more years of refinement.

F. Benjamina in 2019 after defoliation

It’s not a world-class tree, but the ramification is really improving and it makes an incredible difference!

Now here’s what I want you to consider: 2016 is the same year I joined my local bonsai club, Northern Virginia Bonsai Society (NVBS). As a result, I was able to start making significant progress on this not-so-significant tree in a fairly short period of time —…

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