Appreciating a massive, and ancient, Sierra juniper

Embrace Serendipity

I was only about 14 or 15 when I first discovered the world of bonsai.  You know, those “little” Japanese trees that look (and sometimes are) quite ancient!  You can even buy them for a paltry sum and pretend that you’re really a bonsai master without realizing that the sprout you are tending is really quite young, and will probably die long before it achieves any majesty or form.  It hurts to realize realize how many “bonsai” last a few months or a year and then get abandoned like a too-quickly-bought-Christmas-puppy.  Sigh.

I follow a few bonsai blogs and we visit bonsai gardens whenever we happen to travel into areas where we know about them.  Visits on the West Coast where there is a stronger oriental population have seen us visiting wonderful collections like the Weyerhauser collection in Tacoma and Ellendan Gardens in Bremerton Washington. Even the Chicago Botanic Gardens…

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