A bonsai journey

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Sometimes I think my job is driving places. I travel for bonsai, and, though I have been flown in on a big jet airliner, like a rockstar, I kinda prefer the roadtrips, like good ol’ Willie.

Now, Mr. Nelson often has a driver so he can sit in the back of the coach and write songs, drink whisky, and commune with the cosmos with various strains of psychoactive long chain lipids. But he does takes his shifts behind the wheel.

I, not surprisingly as I’m a poor man, don’t have the drivers, so I must roll down the road alone.

Ambling past farms, the sun shining on the crop, be it corn, sorghum, soy. The wind gently swaying the leaves, suddenly, the rows line up and, for that split second, your eye is pulled far back into space, as though you’re in some psychedelic Disney cartoon or looking down the…

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Roadside philosophy 

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

You ever get that one odd phone call, you know, one that makes you question reality?

Mine was from my son

“uhhh, hey, Dad? Ummmm, my, ah, wheel just fell off.”



The Boy,

” Yeah, I was turning the corner and it just fell……off….”Yes, that is his car. A 2000 something Chevy Malibu Maxx (I know, a far cry from the Malibus of years past).

Now, this post could degenerate into the expected lecture on car maintenance and how you should listen to your dad when he tells you to do something sooner rather than later (I had heard a noise in that wheel when I had driven with him to a Guns N Roses tribute band show at House of Blues and I was thinking that maybe the wheel bearing was going bad. I told him to have my uncle, who is an ASE certified mechanic…

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