23-30.6.2019: The Kids Are Alright

Košice Patch Birding

Penduline Tit, Košice, Slovakia, 30.6.2019

The longer I stay in Slovakia, the more I seem to love hot weather; or maybe I’m just getting older, like some Miami retiree. And this week has certainly given me something to enjoy; consistently high temperatures with the occasional thunderstorm to keep the birds and animals hydrated.

But in terms of birds, what a week! Two really big things since the last post, both of them involving juveniles (hence this post’s particularly dumb title). The first is my first ever encounter with juvenile wrynecks.

Košice, Slovakia, 29.6.2019

I was hanging around this part of the patch, by the path leading up to the meadow when I heard two chirping calls I hadn’t heard before. A rather concerned wryneck shot out of the tree onto the fence letting me identify the first call and giving me a fairly good idea of what the second call might be.

Wryneck, Košice, Slovakia, 29.6.2019

The two little guys stayed…

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