Who doesn’t have a Buttonwood in Florida?

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Here’s an interesting fact: I live in Florida, I have four studygroups where at least one buttonwood per day shows up to be worked on, they are native to the state and always win the Florida Native award at our convention, I love carving, wiring, and refining them, but…..I don’t own one in a bonsai pot. I have some in nursery cans, and training pots, but not a single one in training.

Weird, right?

Needless to say, the subject of today’s blog, a buttonwood, belongs to my Monday morning client, Janice. I’ve been going to her for about a year and a half, or so. If you follow my Instagram she is the owner of all those beautiful bougainvillea I post so often. This buttonwood (conocarpus erectus) is one of her favorite. She got it from the Buttonwood Queen herself, Mrs Mary Madison.

I can’t recall if I’ve blogged about…

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