Winter Wren

Feathered Focus

Hey guys, welcome back! Today, a bird whose identification still kind of trips me up. That’s right, even good birders have those “trouble” species that give them trouble. For me, its the Winter Wren. They just look a lot like a House Wren to me. I mean, you look at these two birds and tell me they don’t look alike!  They’re both rotund little brown birds! In general, the Winter Wren is more uniformly brown. They also have a slightly shorter bill (though it’s nearly impossible to tell that unless you’re looking at specimens side by side) and their tail is a bit shorter.

Winter Wren2 Winter Wren near an old nest, Central Park, NY

Another good way to tell is when and where you’re seeing the bird. The Winter Wren is found only east of the Rocky Mountains (except up in Canada), and are only really found in the U.S…

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