Northern Rough-winged Swallow

Feathered Focus

Hey guys, welcome back! Before we start, let me apologize for there being no photos today. As i’ve stated before, all the photos I use in my blog are mine. Taken by yours truly. And sometimes I either can’t get a good look at a bird, or just don’t have my camera when I see them. In the case of today’s bird, it’s the former. Swallows are very fast fliers that typically fly low and fast over either water or open fields, constantly flapping looking almost like bats. They don’t too often land, and therefore can be quite difficult to photograph, unless you’re lucky enough to be near a roosting spot.

Despite this (or more likely because of this), I love watching swallows fly around. Swallows have wide, flat bills that make it easier to catch insects while flying around. The Northern Rough-winged Swallow is perhaps the drabbest, least colorful…

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