Louisiana Waterthrush

Feathered Focus

Hey guys, welcome back! We got ourselves another warbler today, one that can be very difficult to ID. First off, yes, this little guy is, in fact, a warbler. I know it doesn’t look like one, but trust me, they aren’t all tiny (mostly)yellow birds that flit about high in trees! As it’s name suggests, this warbler actually looks similar to a thrush, with its brown color and heavily streaked belly.  The Louisiana Waterthrush’s habits aren’t un-similar to those of some shorebirds, particularly Solitary or Spotted Sandpipers.

Louisiana Waterthrush3 Louisiana Waterthrush, Central Park, NY

Now, you might be thinking “hey, if most warblers are brightly colored birds that don’t act like sandpipers, how is this bird so hard to ID?” Well, there’s another waterthrush, the Northern Waterthrush, and as you can see here, they’re damn near identical. There are a couple tricks to help out though. These tricks, however, are generalities…

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