Kelp Gull

H.J. Ruiz - Avian101

Kelp Gull – Latin name: Larus dominicanus

Also known as the Dominican Gull, is a gull which breeds on coasts and islands through much of the southern hemisphere. The nominate L. d. dominicanus is the subspecies found around South America, parts of Australia (where it overlaps with the Pacific Gull), and New Zealand (where it is known as the Southern Black-backed Gull or by its Māori name Karoro). L. d. vetula (known as the Cape Gull) is a subspecies occurring around southern Africa.

Kelp Gull Kelp Gull

The specific name comes from the Dominican Order of friars, who wore black and white habits.

The Kelp Gull superficially resembles two gulls from further north in the Atlantic Ocean the Lesser Black-backed Gull and the Great Black-backed Gull. The Kelp is intermediate in size between these two species. This species ranges from 54 to 65 cm (21 to 26 in) in…

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