Eastern Phoebe

Feathered Focus

Hey guys, welcome back! Today is the Eastern Phoebe, one of the earliest arrivals during spring migration, at least in the east. Eastern Phoebes are members of the flycatcher family, and are one of 3 phoebe species in the U.S. (the others being Say’s Phoebe and Black Phoebe, both found out west.) Flycatchers in general are difficult birds to ID, as most of them are a dull grey or olive in color, and the Eastern Phoebe is no exception! They’re small flycatchers that are grey with a buffy, sometimes yellowish belly. They do lack the wingbars sported by other flycatchers of the same size, which can help solidify your ID.

Eastern Phoebe2 Eastern Phoebe with a fly in its beak, Concord Woods, Concord, OH

Shortly after I started my lifelist, I was doing some early spring birding on Randall’s Island. I reached an open area near the pedestrian footbridge to Manhattan and…

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