Why a Study Group?

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

A studygroup? Isn’t that one of those late night college thingies that begin with good intentions about collectively cramming on some difficult subject but usually devolve into binge watching Netflix and over indulging in pizza and beer (and other mind altering herbage)?

It is that.

But, considering I write a niche bonsai blog, we are going to explore the phenomenon called the “bonsaibp studygroup” (which my editing software insists that studygroup is two words, but I shall micontinue, in the spirit of my generation, turning ctygit into one word, oh well, whatever, nevermind). I’m curious why they started calling the bonsai workshop with exclusive members of “at least six but no more than ten people” a “studygroup” ? It could be because they do devolve into beer drinking and pizza scarfing events when all of the work is done? At least mine tend to do that, at times.

A bonsai…

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