Repot for a Brazilian Raintree

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It’s been a long and winding road with this Brazilian raintree. It made its debut Here, in 2012. That’s like, 7 years man!

Another fantastic showing was Here , where it was planted it in its current pot.

If you read both of those (like, why didn’t you? Huh?) all the carving and concrete work I toiled on are going to be tossed aside, like a deuce in the night, for a new vision (yes my friends, it’s “deuce” not “douche”, in that old song). The carving at the top is still pretty much in good shape, but (and take note), as often happens, the deadwood at the base has rotted away. But I have achieved the goal of strengthening the live vein. In those previous posts (you haven’t read them yet?) on the tree, that vein was less than the width of my pinky. (since I’m the only…

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