Mid-summer deciduous work, Flor’duh style

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

This specific southern hackberry is a common subject of the blog. I could write a book on it there’s so many posts.

It was in this post where the tree made its humble debut.

To get you up to date on what happened this spring, I repotted it after about three years of no repot, and I just let it grow.


Here’s how it looked on January 22, 4:43pm, after the repot. (timestamp on my iPhone pic…..I’m not that organized. Used to be we had to put our pics in an actual physical, paper-leather-plastic-and-glue picture album, and use a pen to write out the day and place the pic was taken. Actual printed out Polaroids or 110 Kodak film. The smart phones do it all nowadays. Here’s how many pics in my phone at the moment …All those pics and videos in my back pocket. Computers are so…

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