The smallest bird in the world

Kayla Fisk

One amazing thing about the bird world is its incredible biodiversity, one of the many factors that play into this is their difference in size.

In the dense woodlands and forest edges of Cuba, the smallest species of birds can be found. Flitting from flower to flower the near threatened Bee Hummingbird ( Mellisuga helenae) may be seen as it feeds on their nectar.

Measuring on average only 2.29 inches long and with a wingspan of only about 1.28 inches with females being slightly larger than males these birds win the title of being the smallest birds in the world. On top of that they only weigh on average 1.95 g, that is less than the weight of a dime! These little hummers are only about the size of a bee which led to their given common name. These little birds can apear like jewels as the light reflects and…

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